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Selecting the perfect yoga teacher for your child

Let me start with, this is one of the most important questions to be asked when loooking for a yoga class for your child to attend.

Is your teacher and the program designed to be child friendly? Not every yoga teacher is meant to be teaching children...and not every studio is child friendly..Does the class center around a theme? Or is it designed to follow an adult class structure?

When selecting a teacher: Are they creative? Good energy? Understanding of children's outbursts and mood swings? Good at classroom management techniques? Confident enough to discipline misbehavior in a class before it gets disruptive? Flexible in class structure? Good at demonstrating poses versus explaining proper pose ailignment.

Do they posess that unique spark that makes every class theme fun and engaging?

Does your child like them? (This is a BIG clue- trust your childs instincts) Not all teachers are a good fit for every class or student. Children have a unique ability to know if someone is child friendly or faking it..

As a children's yoga teacher, we are not as concerned about a child learning the proper ailignment when first being introduced to a yoga pose, but rather their eagerness to try it and master it later on.

We hope that this gives you a good starting place when selecting a class for your child. 

If you would like more ideas and suggestions in finding the perfet yoga teacher for your child, please contact us at any location or franchise.

Namaste', Have a Great Yoga Day!

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